Let”s focus on Number 2 EAT HEALTHY

The cold & dark months of winter are upon us  and smarter dietary  choices will help make this be a time of enjoyable celebration. Going  into the dismal winter and holidays with no game plan = weight gain. Every year. An extra 5 lbs every year multiplies on the waistline and is detrimental to health as well as emotional wellbeing.

Join like minded members as we replace the old,overstuffed, and unconscious eater with connections to make healthier choices AND STILL HAVE FUN!

Addictions something we try to avoid doing because of unhealthy consequences. Drugs. Cigarettes. Gambling. Zero tolerance addictive behaviors that usually have to be completely removed for health and well being. Food is an addiction that we cannot just remove from our lives. We need food to survive. Yet food is not a reward system for life’s ups and downs.

Come in and let’s discuss alternative ways to regain and maintain a healthier perspective on nutritional choices. You are what you eat. And you can make HUGE positive changes in your energy levels and health status by tuning in to conscious behavioral choices that put YOU back in control !