How do I start?

Come in & check out our place. See if you like it. Fill out a form with your contact information, in case of emergency , etc. Sign a waiver. Schedule an appointment with one of the coaches to do an assessment of what you want to accomplish & how we can help you get there.

Do I have to try out to be on the OLY team?

No. We believe any one who will show up, work hard  & learn to do these lifts, can compete on our team.

I have never trained before. Do you train brand new people to strength training and/or Olympic Lifting?

Yes. We have a unique space that has a private feel to it.Not intimidating. And there is never any judgement. Everyone has to start sometime.

Do you train people with old injuries or post rehab?

Yes. We have worked with individuals with back injuries. Shoulder problems. Ankle sprains. Hip injuries.Over use injuries. Imbalances. You name it, we have seen it.

Can you train kids under 12?

Yes. We have worked with children to be better at their sport. Faster & stronger. As well as kids with gross & fine motor coordination deficits. Children playing sports who need to strengthen their weaknesses. Kids who just need help post injury, for reintegration to their sport. After school groups playing with different movements & keeping active.

I am really old & know that I need to get back to moving. Can you help me?
  • The old saying,Use it or lose it, is true. Statistically, the main cause of ER visits in the elderly, are falls. Balance. Broken bones. Learning to move within your limitations, while highlighting your capabilities will expand your abilities, strength, and balance. It may also save your life! We have a lot of experience helping people regain control of their lives.
How do I choose the best fit from the training options for me?

Come in & see what our facility has to offer. Try out the several options & then decide.

Are there any contracts to sign?

If you want to be a member, join. If life or commitments change, just let us know prior to the next monthly payment. If you just want classes, that is ok. We also allow drop Ins.

Is there a dress code?

Be reasonable. No body parts hanging or falling out. No ripped & torn clothing. We have a mixed population of members. Young, old, and everything in between.

Please be respectful.