Members are:

Sport Athletes: Athletes whose specialize in sport need to vary their movement planes or they will stagnate. Special focus on speed, strength, & explosive power.Cycling the various forms of movement during the off season is very important to prevent imbalances & overuse injuries. As well as working on identified weaknesses.

Seekers of weight loss & healthier life: we love assisting motivated individuals who want to improve their own health. Weight loss, health scares, traumatic or chronic injury. We will push to help you reach your full potential. We also won’t let over enthusiastic people be on the repeat offenders injury list. Be the best You can be.

Olympic Lifters or just hopeful to learn how: we have taught all levels of weight lifters. If you are willing to show up & listen…we will teach you. We will assess your movements & give you prehab, stability, mobility, and STRENGTH. The Snatch and Clean & Jerk are probably the most complex & addictive movements you can ever learn to do. Complex because each lift takes weight from the ground, to be thrown overhead in 1 or 2 movements. They are a blend of the deadlift, squat, & press. Addictive because you continue to evolve & refine & it’s always challenging. Never boring. With great speed & strength = agility + explosive power. Your biggest competitor will be yourself.

You are capable of creating your own reality. And your future. Taking care of your body allows you to excel in all aspects of life. We all have stories. Strength & Pain. Do not  take CAN’T for an answer. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!