About K & M Weightlifting

We Build Strong People

We are a Strength Training facility. We specialize in Olympic Weightlifting,Strength Training, Powerlifting, & Strongman. We utilize many tools to incorporate stability, mobility, and strength. Every person who walks through our door is taught the multi faceted pieces for their ultimate success.

     K&M Weightlifting is a Strength Training facility. We specialize in Olympic Weightlifting,Strength Training,Powerlifting, and Strongman. K&M Weightlifting utilizes various equipment to build Stability,Mobility, and Strength.

We have a wide variety of members:

  • Beginners
  • Proficient
  • Athlete
  • Elite
  • All ages welcome


All of the above are welcome at our facility. All will be given the opportunity to achieve THEIR VERY BEST. 

We are passionate about health & fitness. We love sharing our knowledge. We are committed to teaching movements that will make all aspects of your life better. We have been training ourselves & others for most of our lives. Our decision to open our own gym in 2013, to teach our particular brand of total health & strength, has exceeded our expectations completely. We offer wonderful tools for stability, mobility, & strength. We never stop exploring & learning how to operate our bodies at full capacity & continue to stay strong, vibrant, & healthy doing exactly that.

We offer more than 50 plus years of combined experience training people to reach their highest potential. We cultivate a positive and supportive atmosphere. Everyone is at different places on the road ; embarking on their personal journey of health, wellness, and strength. We support each and every one of them. Equally.


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Mon-Fri 9am-2pm  4-9

Sat: 9-1
Other times available per request & by appointment.


We believe our bodies are masters at adaptation. Cross training using various modalities i.e.strength,cardiovascular conditioning, stability, metabolic conditioning, multi plane, mobility, balance, are incorporated and/or combined based on assessments of movement. The goal is to be physically well rounded, in order to enhance day to day life. And increase strength and power.


Stay Healthy & Be Strong.


Just show up.