I have been a member at K and M Weightlifting for a year now. I initially joined because I wanted to become proficient at the Olympic weightlifting movements. Having done CrossFit before joining K and M I had a basic understanding of the Olympic Lifts, however the first day I lifted I was given numerous corrections on my form and how to improve it. The Olympic lifts are very complex and I am still receiving important corrections on my form. Kevin and Mary genuinely love the Olympic Lifts and are always watching and correcting. K and M Weightlifting has a great atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoy how hard everyone works.

Ryan G

It took me a year to get back to focusing on my own fitness goals after my losing 40 pounds, slipping back into some bad habits and gaining 15 pounds back. I  started back on my fitness journey in November working with a personal trainer Mary twice a week. Mary has provided me with the discipline and the focus I need to get back to feeling healthy. Mary has taught me how to maximize my workouts and nutrition, encourages me to try new things, I am spinning again, lifting weights, I climb stairs at work and walk for fitness. Nine months later I have lost the 15 pounds, wake up every morning pain free and energetic. I am stronger, I am 57 and can honestly say I feel better now than I have in very long time.

Faith D

After very first session:
You work miracles! I just have to say OMG! I slept like a baby last night and woke up feeling GREAT. Thank you! Have a GREAT day!
Sandy C

I am a life-long Franklin resident. I also have been a client of Mary Hoar’s at various different gyms for quite some time and for the last 4 years, I have been a member at K&M Weightlifting on Upper Union Street. Mary is an outstanding master of her craft; incredibly intelligent with a lot of health and fitness knowledge; she is an expert in Olympic weight lifting, personal training, assessing the needs of her clients, and bringing them to their personal optimal fitness goals. Her friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in which to workout.

Linda D

A few years later: 
I have been working with Mary for a few years now. She has made a huge difference in how I approach and love exercise. When I started out with Mary, I had back pain, neck pain, and was just plain stiff! I swear I would be in a wheelchair if it wasn’t for exercise.  I am also a Type 1 diabetic. With Mary’s expert guidance in exercise, nutrition, and her knowledge of how exercise helps to control my sugars, she has been God sent.
Sandy C

Her cheery personality hides a darker, evil side.  She’s the devil.  She enjoys hurting people.  She can’t be negotiated with.  And she’s bossy.


Julie R

Thanks to Mary I am seeing results, eating better, and I am a whole lot more motivated. I actually WANT to come in the gym now. 5 months ago I would not even see myself where I am now.

Sarah C

K&M is a sanctuary for weightlifter’s and people with physical pain from injury. As a weightlifter, I heavily rely on the meticulous eyes of my coaches and this gym to continue with my training for competitions. I have put in many months of training  and years of training. This has been the most accommodating gym I have been to since being in the U.S. as an international student.

Carl O

After six months of following my Doctor’s recommended exercises for Plantar Fasciitis with only minimal improvement, I made a visit with Mary. She gave me new exercises and direction for about 2 hours. Within days, the pain subsided and I am walking now without suffering. Thank you Mary.

Bobby C

As a client and now friend of Mary Hoar’s, I am writing a testimonial to tell you a little of my story. When I first began training with Mary it was at my neurologist’s    request that I find myself a top notch personal trainer to help with my stenosis,aggravated disc issues,and balance. Mary did a deep evaluation of my needs and designed a personalized training program that included changing my movement patterns,and strength training. My daughter who always helped me at home because I couldn’t lift or bend, or stand for too long, came to the gym to workout with me this past year to “workout with her mother”. As I started picking up various free weights, my daughter kept running over to help me until she realized I didn’t need help anymore!!! Mary has helped me with my physicality,diet,supplements, and most importantly, my SPIRIT. I highly recommend anybody,male or female, to sign up with Mary to let her develop and execute an effective personal training program for you.

Erin N

If you want to get strong, then this is the place you should be training!

Justin S

Great place to train! Dropped in while on a business trip and everyone was incredibly welcoming. 

Taylor M

Mary Hoar


Mary Hoar has been a competitive athlete since grade school. For the last 20 + years, Mary’s primary focus has been functional strength training supported by a lifestyle of healthy nutritional choices. She has developed various functional strength programs for elite athletes as well as clients with fibromyalgia, diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular concerns.She works with individuals needing customized programs to enhance their capabilities in all facets of their life – maximizing potential physically : capitalizing in mind,body,and spirit.


  • USAW Olympic Lift Level 1
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • NESTA Personal Trainer
  • NESTA Sports Nutrition
  • CPR

Kevin Hoar


Kevin is a lifelong Franklin resident who entered Franklin High as an underweight and undersized young man. On his 15th birthday,the only request on his wish list was a set of weights. He has never stopped in 30 + years… learning and educating himself on functional strength  performance as well as the nutrition to support this lifestyle of health. He is an expert on Olympic Lifting,Powerlifting, and strength training. He has extensively learned techniques for rehabilitation,flexibility,and mobility.He has been a competitive Olympic Lifter,Power-lifter,and Boxer.He has worked with many youth/adults individually and in team sports teaching functional strength programming to increase explosive power and strength. These qualities have the ability to enhance any athlete’s quest to Get Strong.Be healthy.Prevent overuse injury.

Certifications and Qualifications:

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR