How many times did you hear this as a child? After being in school all day, even if we had recess,there was still lots of extra energy to expend. Playing could mean several things.Chasing one of my brothers or all in a game of tag. Running to get my friends to come out and playing double dutch jump rope. Or take a walk to the local playground to play on the swings. A quick game of hoop. If we had enough players, 4 v 4. Or if only 2, a game of around the world. Sometimes it was simply a game of hopscotch,played alone. Which then progressed to how far I could jump. Land one leg. Or both. The possibilities were endless. We all lose that skill. Of  being rewarded with physical play after being in school all day. Yes, REWARDED.Humans were not made to sit hour after hour. It is just not a natural position to be in extensively. It is a beautiful time of year to go out and take a long walk. Even better, a hike, on non linear surfaces. Like a local trail in the woods. Or state park. Fresh air. Nature. Whether hot out or a chilly day, our bodies have learned from an entire life of work/play moments, to feel fabulous when these two areas are a  balanced part of our day. Training and competing are an extension of the original “play” that is a complete reset from the stresses of learning and working. Make sure that you set aside time to play. Play time will make the rest of your  life more enjoyable. Reduce stress. Healthier weight. Less pain. Take a child to a local playground and do not just sit there and watch. Run up the ladder and go down the slide. Hop on a swing and pump your legs hard and catch some air. Play a fast and furious game of tag. Hit your favorite gym,and learn some new movements. Do something you have never tried before. You will feel so much better, if you go out and play.